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Mermaid Dental £ Saltford 01225 872 106 Mermaid Dental

We have been attending Mehdi's Surgery for 11 years. We have complete confidence in his skills and knowledge as a dentist. All the team at the Mermaid Dental Surgery can be relied on to make ''visiting the Dentist'' as relaxed as experience as possible.

Mermaid Dental £ Saltford 01225 872 106 Mermaid Dental

I have recently undergone implant treatment at the Mermaid surgery, Saltford which incorporated a sinus lift. Despite close friends concern that the sinus ways should not be messed with I went ahead with the treatment. The treatment itself was rather vigorous and rather in anticipation of pain to follow, on arriving home I took 2 pain killing tablets. I needed no more tablets and by the time I took to my bed I had no sensation at all of having had dental treatment, no pain or anguish whatsoever. I am on warfarin and feared bleeding, but there was no bleeding or bruising to the face.

Mermaid Dental £ Saltford 01225 872 106 Mermaid Dental

I have visited the Mermaid Dental Surgery for both check ups and treatment for a few years mow and have been extremely impressed with not only my treatment, but also the level of care and the warm friendly environment. I cannot recommend this practice enough and would encourage anyone looking for a professional and family orientated surgery to try it.

Mermaid Dental £ Saltford 01225 872 106 Mermaid Dental

I felt I had to write to thank you for the attention I received at your practice, you really listened to what I had to say and didn't feel that I was being rushed in and out like I had at my previous dentist.

My wholehearted recommendation of you, Dr Abrishami. You have obviously chosen the right profession, keep up the good work.

Mermaid Dental £ Saltford 01225 872 106 Mermaid Dental

I have been a patient at Mermaid dental surgery for several years now following an accident where I lost two of my lower front teeth. On initial visit Dr Abrishami was able to take a mould of the missing teeth and have a temporary set of dentures made by the next day which without saying saved me a lot of embarrassment whilst I had treatment to fit implants. The implants are now like my own and no one would ever know otherwise, the whole experience was made so easy and painless by Dr Abrishami's professionalism and I couldn't thank him enough.

I am a very nervous patient, but I trust Dr Mehdi completely. He takes the time to explain as much as I want to know in a way that is easy to understand.

He is very professional and I am very happy he is here to look after the dental needs of the whole family.


I was absolutely delighted with the replacement crown that you fitted recently, it looks and fits so much better than the previous one and it is very difficult to tell that it is actually a crown. I now wish I hadn't waited so long before asking you to replace it.


Mehdi has been treating my teeth and gums for a number of years now as well as those of my family. This includes treatment and provision of dentures. He has done a lovely job as I had gum disease which has now been controlled. I am a very nervous patient, but find that Mehdi provides treatment to suite my concerns. He carefully explains in a clear language the possible treatment options with the pros and cons of each. He is also very considerate when I am in the chair.


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